When you join the Knights of the Vine, you affiliate with a chapter, usually the one closest to your primary residence. But as a KOV member, you are welcome to attend any US KOV chapter event anywhere in the United States, including the international events hosted by the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods (FICB).

Why Join the Knights of the Vine (KOV)?

  • If you are someone who enjoys the companionship of people who appreciate wine, you will find them at KOV events.
  • If you are someone who enjoys learning more about the science of wine making, you will learn this and more at KOV events.
  • If you like to travel with people who enjoy good wine and food and beautiful surroundings, you’ll find them through a KOV membership.
  • If you want to expand your knowledge of wines, both domestic and imported, KOV is a good place for you.
  • If supporting a non-profit organization that gives back to the wine industry by promoting education and research (while having fun doing it) appeals to you, KOV is just the ticket!

Benefits of Membership

  • Your KOV membership includes a subscription to the KOV Arbor Magazine, full of news and information about KOV events all around the US and world.
  • Your KOV membership grants you permission to attend any KOV event at any chapter in the world.
  • Your KOV membership gives you special pricing on all events hosted by a KOV chapter.
  • Your KOV membership grants you permission to attend all international wine events sponsored by FICB, the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods.

How Do I Join KOV?
You can join KOV either as an individual or as a couple. The form can be completed online and paid for online or by check. All the instructions are stated on the form. Click here to display or download the application form. Be sure to click in the upper right corner to select the chapter you want to affiliate with. Welcome to KOV!