Welcome to the Northern California Chapters of The Knights of the Vine

Who we are: Knights of the Vine (KOV) is a fellowship of men and women who come together to celebrate and appreciate wine, and learn more about the culture of wine. Our goals are to create an inviting social atmosphere to promote domestic wines, restore the respect for wines from around the world, and educate our members about the process of winemaking, from the growing to the tasting. Founded in the United States as a not-for-profit in 1964, Knights of the Vine hosts events for its members and guests for the purpose of enjoying the social aspects of drinking wine and supporting wine education.

This website offers information related to the activities of two Northern California chapters: The Sacramento (Chancellery) Chapter of the Knights of the Vine, and the Lake Tahoe Region Chapter of the Knights of the Vine. If you are looking for a Knights of the Vine chapter in your local area, you can find a complete list on KOV.org.

What we do: We hold fun and interesting events at various venues throughout the year centered on the enjoyment of food, wine and wine education. Our KOV events can be as close as a few miles away, or internationally in conjunction with other Chapters. Members of our chapters are welcome to join events sponsored by any of the many other chapters throughout the USA and the world. A calendar of upcoming events can be found on the EVENTS page.

Our Roots: The genesis of the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine goes all the way back to ancient days in France. Just after the French Revolution, the French began classifying and elevating the nobility of vine stocks, imposing various quality regulations, such as the “Appellation Controllee.” In 1901, France imposed a decree regulating wine brotherhoods. When the Americas designation was granted, Sacramento’s Chancellery Chapter of the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine became the first brotherhood chartered in the United States.

Annual Assemblage: Each chapter holds a Grand Assemblage of members annually. This is a formal event, steeped in tradition, focused on inducting new members. Events other than the Grand Assemblage are quite informal.

Membership: Membership is by invitation. There is an initiation fee, and a nominal annual renewal fee. We welcome new members who share our love of wine, have a desire to learn more about viticulture and enology, and wish to support the causes selected by the KOV chapters . If interested, please fill out the Contact form and someone will be in touch. If ready to join now, fill out the Membership Application online. Welcome!